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Chemical Analysis

Honeybee Pollen and Honey are the only Food on Earth containing All
22 Nutrients Needed by Mankind for Complete and Perfect Health
Vitamins Fatty Acids (Conifer Pollen)
Provitamin A (carotenoids) 5-9mg % Total list identified are
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 9.2 micrograms % Caproic (C-6) Caprylic (C-8)
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Capric (C-10) Lauric (C-12)
Vitamin B3 (niacin) Myristic (C-14) Palmitic (C-16)
Vitamin B5 (panothenic acid) Palmitoleic (C-15) one double bond
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 5 micrograms % Uncowa Stearic (C-18)
Vitamin B12 (cyamoco balamin) Oleic (C-18) one double bond
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Linoleic (C-18) two double bonds
Vitamin D Arachidic (C-20) Benemic (C-22)
Vitamin E Limolenic (C-18) three double bonds
Vitamin H (biotin) Eicosanoic (C-20 one double bond)
Vitamin K Brucic (C-22 one double bond_
Choline *Pseudotduga dry pollen contains 0.76-0.89% fatty acid. Major are: Oleic Palmitic, Linoleic *Pinus dry Pollen contains 1.25%-1.33% fatty acid based on dry weight of pollen. Major are linolenic, Oleic, Stearic
Folic Acid 5 micrograms %
Panothenic Acid 20-50 micrograms/gram
Rutin 16mg %
Rutin in beehive pollen 13%
Vitamin PP (nicotinicamide) Pigments

Xannmepayll, (20-150 micrograms per gram)
Minerals Carotates (50-150 micrograms per gram)
Calcium 1-15% of ash Chlorophyll, in hand collected, but not bee-collected pollens
Phosphorus 1-20 % of ash
Iron 1-12% of ash Ammpcyamin, in hand collected, but not bee-collected pollens
- 0.01-1.3% of fresh pollen Crocetin
- 6-7.1mg % of air dried Zaaxanmin
Copper 0.05-0.08% of ash Lycopene
- 1.1 - 2.1mg % of fresh
Potassium 20-45% of ash Water 3-20% of fresh pollen
Magnesium 1-12% of ash
Manganese 1.4% of ash, 75mg 75mg % Proteins, Globulins, Peptones,
Amino Acids
Silicoa 2-10% of ash
Sulphur 1% of ash 7-35%, average 20%, 40-50% may be free amino acids 10-13% consists of amino acids in dry pollen
Zinc 35 grams of pollen per day can satisfy the protein requirements of man. 25 grams of pollen per day can sustain man because it contains 6.35 grams as indicated by Rose, plus other amino acids

Pollen Contains the same number of amino acids, but vary greatly in quantity of each:
Enzymes & Coenzymes
Disslase Phosphatase Tryptophan 1.6%

Leucine 5.6%

Amylase Catalase Lysine 5.7% Isolucine 4.7%
Saccharase Diaphorase Methionine 1.7% Cystine 0.6%
Pectase Cozymase Thresonine 4.6% Arginine 4.7%
Cytochrome systems Phenylalanine 3.5% Histidine 4.5%
Valine 6.0% Glutamic Acid 9.1%
Tyrosine Glycine Twenty Eight Minerals are found in the human body Forteen are vital. Essential elements present in such small amounts that they are called micro-nutrients. Honeybee pollen contain all 28 minerals
Serine Proline
Alanine Aspartic Acid
Hydroxyproline Butyric Acid

Gums Pentosans Nucleosides Auxins
Cellulose   Brassins Gibberellins
Sporonine (7-57% of pollen of various species, 28% in bee-collected 57% in hand collected Kinins Vernine
Guanine Xanathine
Hypoxalthine Crocetin
Starch (0-22% of protein) Zeaxanthin Lycopene
Total sugars (30-40%) Hexodecanol Monoglycerides
Sucrose or cane sugar Diglycerids Triglycerides
Levulose or fruit sugar/fructose Peutosaus  
Glucose or grape sugar Alpha-Amino Butyric Acid
Reducing sugars (0.1-19%)
Bee-Collected: Non reducing sugar 2.71% Reducing, 18.82-41.21% mean, 25.71% Miscelaneous
Waxes, Resins, Steroids, Growth Factors, Growth Inhibitors, Vernine, Guanine, Xanathine, Hypoxanithine, Nuclein, Amines, Lecithin, Glucoside of Isorhanetin, Glycosides of Quercetir, Selenium, Nucleic acids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, tarpenes, and many other yet undefined nutrients
Hand-collected Values reversed Air-dried Non-reducing 0-9% Reducing sugars 20-40%
Hand-collected Non-reducing up to 22% Reducing 0-7.5%

A nutrient is a molecule you must have, but the body cannot manufacture. You have to ingest it if you don't have it. At first you will not feel well. If you don't get it for a longer time, you will begine to feel sick. If you dont get it for TOO long a time, you are probably going to die

Each Ounce of honeybee pollen contains:
Just 28 Calories
Only 7 Grams of Carbohydrate
Plus 15% Lecithin, the substance that burns away fat
and 25% is Pure Protein
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