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Dr. Nicolai Vasillevich Tsitsin, Professor and USSR's Chief Biologist and Botanist says, "All of the 200 or more people past 125 years of age in Russia, without exception have stated their principal food is pollen and honey - mostly pollen."

Dr. Carlson Wade, in "About Pollen" states: "Bee pollen contains a gonadotrophic hormone similar to the pituitary hormone, gonadotrophin, which functions as a sex gland stimulant. The healing rejuvenating and disease-fighting effects of this total nutrient are hard to believe, yet are fully documented. Aging, digestive upsets, prostrate diseases; sore throats, acne, fatigue, sexual problems, allergies, and a host of other problems have been successfully treated by the use of bee pollen."

Dr. Carlton Fredericks: "Honeybee pollen is the only super perfect food on this earth." This statement has been proven so many times in the laboratories around the world by a chemical analysis that it is not subject to debate nor challenge.

Dr. Bernard C. Jensen: "Much has been said about pollen helping glands in the body. All experiments on animals show that it prolongs life and helps keep glands in good order."

Leo Conway, M.D., 1972, of Denver, CO, has treated in excess of 60,000 documental and verified cases of allergies with pollen and says, "I believe this pollen immunization can be achieved by incorporating pollen in a food, because the only need for proof is the effectiveness of commodity throughout the digestive tract."

Dr. Kilmer McCully, M.D., Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School: "The three highest foods having the B6 methionine ratio are bananas with a ratio of 40, carrots with a ratio of 15, and onions with a ratio of 10. Honeybee pollen has a ratio of 400 to 1." Proving again the miraculous properties of honeybee pollen as superior to any food.